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Are you Instagram ready

Need Some Inspiration?

Help to get your Instagram account ready for your business.

Are you Instagram Ready, Pedddle

Lets get started with our 5 top tips on getting your Instagram account ready for your creative small business.

Having a business Instagram account is the first step and it is a really easy switch in the settings. This allows you to get the insights into your page.

Step 1: Links

In your profile editing you need to put a link but you may or may not have a website. Not a problem.
We suggest using a page on your website but for a while we used Linktree or an App equivalent like Milkshake to create a landing page that points to various places. This is actually more beneficial to your customers anyway than one link.

Have links that are almost one click. ‘Shop Necklaces’ or ‘Shop Earrings’ lots of you have categories within your Etsy/Folksy shop or on your website and why not have a featured product for the week and link directly to buy that product.

For Pedddle members we suggest:

3 direct links to shop categories (as above).
Website link- about us.
Pedddle Page link
Link to a newsletter sign up
Recent Blog (important to write blogs- read our blog about writing brilliant blogs)
Event page… page etc

Step 2: Contact details

Complete the section in ‘edit profile’ called ‘contact options’ it is essential we give customers easy access to our businesses/us.

You may not want to leave a phone number but an email is a good option.

It also allows you to add another action button. The only one that looks like it could be of use is the ‘Eventbrite’ option. Add a direct link to your tickets if you have a workshop or event you want to share.

Step 3: Your Bio

Keep it simple and creative and say what you do.

I have read about offering something in your bio to draw people in. Give a 10% discount to people for their first order with you so say something like.
First orders get 10% off – 10ART (handpointing down emoji) to your link which has your online shop in there.

Even if they don’t purchase they may have looked at your products and then might actually come back to you. You want to get engagement so suck them in.

Step 4: Hashtags

OH the hashtag debacle. Don’t use too many, try to use less popular ones, don’t always use the same ones. Who actually knows what is the optimum amount but not exceeding 30.

It’s hard to always come up with different hashtags.
So don’t! Save them somewhere. Actually we are going to help you out with this soon as we are writing an article about the best hashtags for creative businesses. So when it’s written, it will have a link here. But until then, this is what you can do:

1. Use an app called Preview. It saves all your recent hashtags or you can create hashtag groups for the paid version.

2. Save them in your notes. Personally we love to store them in our notes and just chop and change which bits are useful. So you can do this too. Copy and paste ours into your notes when we have completed our blog to make it easier for yourself.

We’re all about making social media easier.

Step 5: Instagram Stories

We need to use them and not be afraid. This is your everyday shots. The behind the scenes, the work in progress, the trip to the post office with parcels. The real side.

People love to be able to connect with people. So show them your work space being a mess and most importantly show them you. Chat to your audience. Keep going and don’t be put off if you don’t get much interaction initially, you have to keep going.

Our biggest tip on this to is to aim to get engagement. People will watch but make them interact with you. Get them to choose stuff- so use polls or the slider. One of our most successful polls ever was whether to eat the left over cake or a doughnut…..I mean, nothing to do with Pedddle at all but essential life decisions that we needed help with and Soooo many people were willing- the doughnut had to be eaten.

Tip with polls: don’t ask if people like your work YES/NO. We don’t need to hear NO’s as it is all subjective. We all focus on the negatives, give them fun options that both mean YES!!
Yes I would love it…. and …. count me in.

So that’s it. Get started and give it a go. You will learn what you like and feels right for you.

Your Instagram account is your shop window so it does have to be good and at the top of your game. Watch how others do it well and then use as inspiration.

We are also currently writing a Instagram Hack blog too. With 5 top hacks for Instagram. So keep watching for this.

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