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HELP! I need ideas for blog content as a small business owner

Need Some Inspiration?

Want to start a small business blog? Here are some tips…

Looking for ideas for blog content? Firstly, let’s delve into why blogs will help your business, and what you should be writing blogs about.

Blogs are brilliant way to help boost your SEO – you’ve heard this statement numerous times, right? When you write a blog, you are creating content. Content allows you to have a voice on the internet. Search engines watch closely to see how users engage with your content and how useful it is. If it is deemed useful and engaging, it will help you to gain better domain/website authority, meaning that your website will show up higher in search engine results when someone looks up your business, or a related topic.

Blogs also give you links to other places on the internet. This blog explains why that will help you.

Writing can be a cathartic process, but writing does come more naturally to some than others. If you’re struggling to write, perhaps vlogging or creating YouTube videos could be for you – click here for ideas.

Today we want to talk about types of blogs that would be good for you to write, and give you some ideas for blog content.

Informative posts

Tell people about what is going on in your business! Write about work you have in progress and add some images – it might not be fully ready at that point, but people love seeing behind the scenes. Then, once your product is finished, link to the product for people to buy it.

Depending on your business, you could give a little info about you and you background and how you got into your business and line of work. People love to read about people, and they’d love to get to know you, your background, and see the maker behind the products.

Educational posts

Make yourself a guru – you defo know your stuff! If you position yourself as an authority on a topic, potential customers will see you as an expert and have faith in your products.

What if you shared some of your knowledge with others? People love a tutorial, and people love seeing how things are made.

Answer questions that people might need answering. Does your product have useful care tips that you could share? What might someone might ask about your business or your field? What questions do you get at markets?

If you think you could impart some of your wisdom on us fellow humans, go ahead! People search for questions.

Educational posts also work well for those that run workshops, as you can show people behind the scenes or answer questions that your ideal customers are searching for.


Why not just write for fun? Think about things that you love. Do you like home styling, and you could link to your products that way? Write about colours you love or things that inspire you.


We love a good collab, and so should you! We know that the creative community is best when we’re supporting one another. We are always stronger together.

Getting involved in other people’s blogs and linking back to your own website is brilliant for SEO, but it is also kind to share. If you gather a few people to write a blog about that you think your audience would enjoy – great! Do it today. You pick out other people’s products and link to them. In return, they might do something similar and then you get the fabulous reciprocal links (links back and forth between websites) which benefit all of you.

Link to other content

Have you done a great IG Live, a Reel or a video that you love? Rather than making content and posting it specifically on one platform, use that content in other places too.

For example, if you’ve recently done an IG Live that you loved, why not write about gaining the confidence to go Live, tips for going Live on Instagram, or write about what you talked about? You can then link to the IG Live on Instagram so that people watch it and drive interaction and engagement back to your Instagram page too.

The same goes for YouTube, Pinterest, or any other platforms that you’re using!

Hope that will give you a few ideas on the types of content to write about. The best thing to do is get started. Don’t worry too much about what you write at first grab some of these ideas for blog content off here and get started!

Once you’ve decided on a topic to write about, check out this blog on how to get started.

Good luck and if you need any other inspo, check out our other blogs!