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7 ways to find craft fairs to sell at

Traders- Hints & Tips

Helping you find places to sell your wares.

Participating in craft fairs can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, but how do you find the right craft fairs to sell at?

Once you’ve created a few products – artisan wares, perhaps some hand-crafted items, naturally you want to sell them. But where to start?

It can be a tough challenge finding the right fair for you, and although there are plenty of them around, there are many factors to consider, including where is best for the type of products you sell, and where your true audience can be found.

Read on for some effective strategies and resources to help you discover and secure various opportunities to showcase your crafts at craft fairs. This is how to find craft fairs to sell at…

Here are 7 ways to find craft fairs to sell at:

1. Social Media Platforms and Private Groups

These days, most people’s first port of call is the internet – Google it, then turn to social media!

Harness the power of social media and make it work for you, to find craft fairs tailored to your niche. Whatever your product is, type it into each social media platform’s search engine and make notes on what comes up (ideal for helping grow your own social media following too).

It would be useful to join both local and regional craft fair groups on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These type of communities often share information about upcoming craft fairs, provide vendor recommendations, let you know the frequency of events in certain areas, and offer insights into an event’s atmosphere and foot traffic. Engaging with these groups can also help you connect with fellow crafters and gain valuable insights into the craft fair circuit across the country.

2. Contact Local Arts and Craft Organisations

It might be useful to reach out to your local arts and crafts organisations or guilds to tap into their network of craft fair organisers. These organisations are often well-connected within the crafting community and may have insider knowledge of upcoming events or access to exclusive opportunities, or even an insight into your specific products or craft. Joining such organisations can provide you with additional benefits such as networking opportunities, educational resources, and even potential mentorship from more experienced crafters. Running a business is a continuous learning curve, so it’s always good to seek knowledge from others, even if you’re a super well-seasoned crafter!

3. Local Community Events and Directories

Start your search for craft fairs to sell at by exploring your local community events and directories. Check with your local chamber of commerce, community centres, libraries and town halls for information on any regular and upcoming craft fairs or festivals in your local area. Often, these organisations maintain annual event calendars or can at least provide you with contact information for event organisers in your area.

4. Online Craft Fair Directories

Once you’ve exhausted your local resources and social media, the internet is a treasure trove when it comes to finding craft fairs. Online directories specifically designed for crafters and artisans can be incredibly helpful. Pedddle is a directory which allows you to search for craft fairs, markets and events based on location, date, and craft category. You will find detailed information about events and can even reach out to the organisers directly using the message option on event pages.

5. Visit Similar Craft Fairs

Attending craft fairs as a visitor can be an excellent way to discover future opportunities as a seller. Take note of the events’ size, target audience, and the types of crafts and products being sold. If you find a fair that aligns with your products and goals, don’t be afraid to approach event organisers to inquire about potential upcoming craft fairs, or ask if they can recommend other events that you might be interested in. Network wherever possible – building relationships within the crafting community can open doors to so many new opportunities.

6. Local Newspapers and Magazines

Don’t underestimate the power of traditional media in your search for craft fairs! Local newspapers, community magazines, newsboards in shops and supermarkets and even regional lifestyle publications often feature event listings or dedicated sections for craft fairs and similar events. Check their event calendars, classified ads, and online editions for information on upcoming craft fairs in your area. Additionally, look out for special craft fair editions or special features in other types of magazines or news sources, that highlight artisans and vendors. It can be a goldmine!

7. Collaborate with Other Crafters

Networking and collaboration with other crafters can provide you with valuable insights and leads. Attend craft-related workshops, seminars, or meet-ups in your area to connect with like-minded individuals and crafters. Share your interests, goals, aspirations, and passions, and let them know you are actively seeking craft fair opportunities. Often, fellow crafters will be happy to share information about craft fairs they have participated in or plan to attend.

Find craft fairs to sell at isn’t always the easiest task – but that’s where Pedddle comes in!

Pedddle offers lots of help with connecting crafters and artisans with other small business owners and markets and craft events too. We have so many resources, our community offers connection and learning opportunities in abundance. You can find out more about joining our wonderful stallholder community here!

Finding the right craft fairs to sell at requires diligent research, active networking, and a bit of creativity. But once you begin, opportunities will open in abundance! Utilise a combination of local resources, online directories, social media groups, and collaboration with fellow crafters, and you can discover so many craft fairs that align with your products and goals. Remember to consider factors like location, target audience, stall fees, time of year and application deadlines when deciding which craft fairs to pursue. But with a little persistence and a proactive approach, you can unlock lots of exciting opportunities to showcase your crafts and thrive in the vibrant world of craft fairs.

Best of luck!