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Planning and Organisation

Traders- Hints & Tips

How do you plan your day to work effectively and efficiently?

We are all super busy people and it is not the easiest to keep on top of work, making, accounts, social media, stockists, online stores, markets and the list goes on. 

It is knowing which should take priority and not get caught in the ‘drain’ that is social media….I most certainly do this. However, after listening to a podcast by the lovely Lola Hoad from One Girl band, she inspired me to write out a plan.

What she said that morning as I was walking home from the school drop off really resonated with me so I thought I would give it a try. 

I wanted to get organised but struggled to get my head clear when my house wasn’t quite in order or there was washing that needed some attention or I had other household/mundane problems to see to. Not important stuff really, but bothered me and hindered my effective start.

So, one day I set about creating a timetable. This sat pretty well with me having come from a school environment for 17 years. Although I slightly wanted to ‘rebel’ from the whole routine thing I had going on I most certainly worked faster when I had an hour to get my list ticked off.

So I have created a very basic plan. It is a double sided sheet which every week on a Sunday I sit and fill in with things I know are happening and plan in when I can do the other stuff. It is a loose guide but gets me focused and it has been fairly successful–occasionally I fall of the planning wagon, BUT I feel so much clearer in my head when I have used it. 

The week planner.

I have created it in a google document, which I am hoping you can download. Link here.
Here is an image of page one of the plan, just a few things to look out for. 

Page One:
This is fairly generic, you fit in when you are going to social media and I do suggest blocking that. So if you are doing some work on Facebook do 4 or 5 posts that you know will last throughout the week and schedule them. 

I have also put in time to search for and contact stockists. If you find stockists as you are just browsing don’t forget to tab them on Instagram so you can refer back to them during this time. Then when you are ready to contact them you have a set template, you have some product images to send, you are ready! 

Do accounts, which after one week, shouldn’t take too long but if it is left for a month it is harder to remember. 

Respond to emails. I can get so caught up in this so I try to set it at a certain time in my day.

One thing I hadn’t put on the hard copies I passed out at the meetings is to update online shops and Pedddle– of course, but it is on there now! Quite an important part of your business, so get that put in when you can.

Page 2:

This is the social media side of the sheet. Not much needs to go in this bit but I have given you some inspiration on each day to help take the thought process away. 

Quick list:

Monday – Market recap, post a pic of your stall or a pic of you. 

Tuesday is Chooseday, do a poll on stories and on FB. 

Wednesday – Share your forthcoming markets at the weekend

Thursday – I suggested a day off! But if you have a new stockist, share then

Friday – Current makes/stockists. Share what you have been working on and recap where you will be.

Saturday/Sunday – Maybe a market post, but on Insta post generally don’t do too well at the weekend – stick to Stories on IG. FB may be ok, but post early before everyone gets up and out. 

The idea is, by having some inspiration for social media it can take the panic out of what to post and also gives you a focus. I understand and have felt both sides of this, from being organised with social to not having a plan and the ‘no plan’ thing is so much harder! 

Change the ‘my inspiration’ section, make the plan suit your lifestyle/work balance and see how you get on! 

Good luck. 


Top tips for being organised and feeling ready to work:

  1. Plan on a Sunday. Use the planning sheet to map out key focuses for the week.
  2. Use a timer on your phone. Give yourself a deadline to complete a written task or emails and even scrolling through social media – don’t get lost in one task.
  3. Be organised by blocking time to work on social media. Use preview app for Instagram and schedule directly on FB. can do both and Twitter. Although I dislike how it posts it could save you time. 
  4. Have a theme for each day to give you a focus on what to post on social media.
  5. Use a morning routine to get you prepped for the day.  I like to get the house tidy(ish) and then drop kids off and go for a short walk with a podcast. 

Depending how serious you want to take this, ‘The Miracle Morning’ is an amazing routine to get into.  Have a read using the link.

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