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Meet the Maker; Therapy & Scent, Tom’s Garden and The Sage Apothecary

Meet the Maker

Meet some of our stallholders who create skincare and wellbeing products…

The Sage Apothecary, Bee Clear Moisturiser, Oily and Problem Skin Day Cream

This week’s Meet the Maker finds out more about some of our stallholders who make skincare and wellbeing products; Therapy & Scent, Tom’s Garden and The Sage Apothecary. In these uncertain times it’s important to give ourselves a break and focus on wellbeing; and these wonderful stallholders prioritise just that.

Therapy & Scent offer aromatherapy soy candles and wax melts, specifically blended to help well-being, Tom’s Garden create aromatherapy skincare products and The Sage Apothecary provides herbalist-formulated and nutrient-dense skincare.

Read our Q&A below to find out more:

Pedddle: We’ve had a heatwave recently and we hope the British summer will bring a few more sunny days! Do you have any products that are good for summer and the heat?

Therapy & Scent: Over the next few weeks I’ll be launching a new summer candle that’s sweet, floral and deeply calming. The main ingredients are Rose Geranium & Patchouli. The benefits of these essential oils will help with calming emotion, easing anxiety and have grounding qualities  for spiritual practice/meditation. Patchouli is also a known aphrodisiac!

Tom’s Garden: I love to use Tom’s Garden Energising Body Scrub in a cool shower. The essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Litsea, Lemon, Rosemary and Marjoram cool and refresh the skin, whilst the pumice scrub exfoliates the skin, leaving it perfectly smooth. It’s great for hot summer days.

I only use this once or twice a week as it is not good to over exfoliate the
skin and never use it on sun damaged skin.

The Sage Apothecary: During hot weather I tend to plump for my Fresh Faced blend of cucumber and jasmine, a vegan moisturiser which is a much lighter day cream. We still need to moisturise at this time of year as the skin needs hydrating, but in hot weather and higher humidity your skin can pump out more oil and you can be more prone to clogging. Fresh Faced contains highly penetrating yet light oils, so it is able to pack a punch and bring structure to the skin without being overwhelming.

It also contains ‘humectants’ which is basically a fancy way of saying it helps attract and keep water in the skin’s tissues.

Like all of The Sage Apothecary moisturisers, it contains marine algae which is an antioxidant powerhouse, it scavenges for pesky free radicals and helps protect the skin from stressors such as sun damage, hyperpigmentation and strengthens the epidermis. 

Pedddle: What is your best selling product and why do you think this is?

Therapy & Scent: My best selling products are Balance & Relax. Both use citrus essential oils, which are calming and uplifting.

Another popular blend for those that love a more fresh, woody scent is Clarity. The main ingredients are Rosemary & wood essential oils. The main benefits with these are that they help with stress, focus, memory and concentration, which has proved popular with home workers and home schoolers over the last few months.

Tom’s Garden: Our best sellers are the Calming Bath and Body Oil and the Restorative Hand Cream. The Calming Bath and Body Oil is such a versatile oil, meaning it can be used in the bath or straight on the body. It is brilliant for target moisturisation, such as the elbows, knees, nails and cuticles etc.

Customers tell me that they apply the Calming range to the skin at bedtime and the essential oils Lavender, Palma Rosa, Frankincense and Cypress help them get a good night’s sleep.

The Restorative Hand Cream provides an effective moisturising cream that is thick but not greasy. It is blended with Neroli, Mandarin and Petitgrain essential oils, which smell amazing in this combination. I love Neroli and from talking to customers I know that many people share my love for Neroli too.

The Sage Apothecary: Hands down: Bee Lush. Along with its trusty sidekick, Bee Restored, it’s the most nutrient dense of our moisturisers. I think people love it because its so flippin’ effective – amongst other things it contains our organic and ethically harvested raw bee pollen. Bee pollen contains a massive 185 known nutritional ingredients and is known to help reverse the effects normal ageing has on the skin – there has been a great deal of research done in France on the topic. As an aside, research conducted by a Swedish dermatologist found that it suppressed his patient’s acne, so that’s why we use it in Bee Clear too. 

The other thing about Bee Lush is that it smells amazing – I only ever use therapeutic grade essential oils, rather than the cheaper extracts or cosmetic grade oils that are on the market, so with the moisturisers you get all the aromatherapy benefits too and this one, which is Palmarosa & Geranium, is particularly lovely.

Pedddle: The markets are re-opening following lockdown, so hopefully we’ll see you there soon! How often do you sell at markets, and what do you love most about selling at markets?

Therapy & Scent: I’ve been selling regularly at markets for nearly 18 months now and adore doing them. It’s so nice to meet customers face to face and have that personal interaction, where they can smell the oil blends that I use in my candles and wax melts.

Markets are a great opportunity to advise on which products would be most beneficial to meet customer’s specific needs… and it’s just lovely being around other happy traders!

Tom’s Garden: I sell at markets at least once a month, and I love meeting and talking to customers. I really like hearing about what people love and don’t love when it comes to smell, because smell evokes such strong emotions.

I often find that people tell me that a product reminds them of someone, or a product that a loved one used, and I think that is really special.

The Sage Apothecary: Definitely meeting people! I am incredibly passionate about what I do and hopefully you get the sense from the above that there’s a lot of science and research that goes into the formulations – that’s where the herbalist side of me comes in. However, that can be hard to get across on a web page, but meeting people in person means that I am able to talk to them about their skincare concerns in more detail.

Pedddle: Do you have any upcoming markets that you’re selling at?

Therapy & Scent: I have a combination of Makers Markets in the Cheshire and the surrounding Manchester areas of Cheadle Green, Sandbach, Chorlton, Sale and Congleton coming up.

On some Sundays I’ve started a new local market in Shropshire at Alderford Lake in Whitchurch. Set in 70 acres of open space, it’s a really a lovely, natural setting.

I have also been doing online markets with Pedddle, Lockdown Markets and Love Bollington… but fingers crossed the latter will re-open in real life soon.

Tom’s Garden: Unfortunately, Tom’s Garden is only available online at the moment. Tom’s Garden is available on the Friends of Joules Marketplace and on the Tom’s Garden website directly.

The Sage Apothecary: We have done three online markets with Pedddle and I’m looking at what is coming up locally here in Bude. Things are just starting to move again and we have some good artisan markets down here so I’m keen to take part in those when I can. 

Pedddle: What has changed for you and your business during the pandemic?

Therapy & Scent: Like a lot of people, this pandemic has changed my working life quite dramatically. Prior to this, my wellbeing business consisted of hands-on therapies as a fully trained & practising Complementary Therapist, in combination with making and selling my Aromatherapy soy candles & wax melts.

However, once lockdown started, I completely lost the therapy side and currently the Government have no date for our return. As a result, my full focus has been on growing the candle business and having more of an online presence – which I’ve found challenging, but it has been rewarding and I’ve experienced more sales during this period than prior to April!

Understandably, our ‘new normal’ has brought with it a lot of change and stress and customers have been looking for self care products that can enhance the home and wellness of their family units.

Tom’s Garden: My working day has changed due to the pandemic and now includes home schooling my two little people, so I find that my Tom’s Garden working hours can be very strange, to say the least!

During the pandemic, the Tom’s Garden gift sets have been very popular. I have posted many get well wishes and birthday wishes to people, which has been lovely during this difficult time.

The Sage Apothecary: It was quite dramatic – normally I do holistic and bespoke facials here in Bude and in the background I was working on the launch of my UK site. Obviously the facials came to a halt and the website was launched just two days into lockdown – it was awful timing! That’s why I have been grateful for the platforms like Pedddle.

Since I can’t do the facials anymore I am looking at running workshops – the first one, which I will be doing with another therapist, is about taking control of your immunity. I am a big one for empowering people in their own health and wellbeing and I’m always happy to pass on my herbal roots and knowledge. I have also just launched a range of herbal tinctures and some more specific blends and herbal teas will be coming online soon too.

You can see them all here.

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