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Meet the Maker; Stirring Silver, The Keepsake & Delicious Bits

Meet the Maker

Meet 3 of our brilliant jewellery makers…

We have dozens of incredible jewellers here at Pedddle, but this week we’re getting to know three of them better. 

In this week’s Meet the Maker, we spoke to Stirring Silver, The Keepsake and Deliciousbits Jewellery about how the global pandemic has affected their businesses, missing markets and what they’re doing differently in the post-Covid-19 world. 

Pedddle: Obviously, a lot has changed this year given the pandemic. How do you find it has affected jewellery sellers in particular? 

Stirring Silver: It’s hard to say, I can think of both positive and negative reasons! For me, I am using this time to create and adapt my business to the current situation. There are still going to be birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other celebrations, so I think the public are interested in buying something unique and shopping small – so this is also a great opportunity for small businesses, no matter what they sell!

The Keepsake: Personally I have found it has had a positive affect. At the beginning it was very slow and quiet, but a few weeks into lockdown people are getting more used to the situation, and as people are unable to go out to the high street many have turned online.

Deliciousbits: Again, it’s been positive so far. Since the beginning of the lockdown, sales on my Etsy shop have increased, which I imagine is due to customers going online more to make purchases while the high street shops are closed. Customers are also purchasing gifts to send onto family and friends, which is lovely. 

Pedddle: What plans do you have this year –  do you have any new products in the pipeline? 

Stirring Silver: All of my products are individual so there’s always something new coming up! I think people fall in love with the story behind my spoon rings especially, the history behind the jewellery and the connection people have with the Assay Office cities and the years is something I’ve always found really special – I’m trying to put these explanations into small blog posts for people to understand online, as I think it’s really important!

My Rolex Spoon Rings are really popular. During the 1960’s in the Rolex shops around Switzerland, when you were deciding which watch you preferred, or you were counting the thousands out to pay for it, they would make you a hot drink, and with it was a Rolex spoon, branded with the specific city of the shop you were in. You then received this spoon as a gift – and these are the spoons I use! They’re popular with both men and women and are definitely a talking point!

Deliciousbits: I am focusing on a new range of textured, layered clay earrings on silver hoops. These have the functionality of being interchangeable so you can wear the clay discs together or on their own. I have also had a go at making my own sterling silver hoops.

Pedddle: Markets provide a brilliant opportunity to look at items up close and see the details and workmanship, is this especially beneficial with a jewellery business?

Stirring Silver: Markets work great for me – they allow me to connect with my customers, explain the stories and answer any questions they may have there and then. All of my spoon rings can also be altered on the spot, so it allows the customer to choose any designs they want! This still applies online, however posting to and fro can take a while!

The Keepsake: Yes, quite often customers still like to see the items they are planning on buying in person, so markets are ideal. 

Deliciousbits: I love meeting my customers direct and being able to explain the process behind each piece I make. I think this helps with repeat business and also gives me an opportunity to understand what designs sell well.

Pedddle: What do you love most about selling at markets?

Stirring Silver: I love the nostalgia people get from looking at my lamps – as they are all up-cycled from vintage antiques and collectables, you can see the realisation on the faces when they recognise something they may have seen or used as a child. 

I also love providing someone with a gift they know is extra special, whether it be a meaningful year of a spoon ring or a Bus Ticket Machine Lamp to remind them of when their grandad was a Bus Driver – it just means so much to me, and lets you personalise your gift in a whole different way!

The Keepsake: I love meeting current and potential new customers, other small business owners and also getting my brand out there and seen.

Deliciousbits: I joined a local craft fair group, Handmade Wimborne, three years ago, and the fair has grown in popularity due to the fantastic range of artists and crafters who sell there. I love the amazing sense of fun and community spirit and have made so many friends. I also love the build up to a fair, the excitement and anticipation of how it will go.

 Pedddle: What is your best selling type of product and why do you think this is?

Stirring Silver: My spoon rings are always going to win this! A solid silver piece of cutlery, British hallmarked, with specific years and cities that I research beforehand. They are all sent to Sheffield Assay Office to be certified for Change of Use, which means they are authorised that they are no longer used as a spoon but as a piece of jewellery – this is a legal document that the customer gets to take home, and really adds something special!

Since I have been creating my lamps I have found the vintage cameras to be incredibly popular, as it’s a small piece that could fit on a shelf, so it doesn’t take up much space but still makes a statement! I research every antique used and do a little write up on the label so that customers can understand a little bit more about each piece and its history.

The Keepsake: My Liberty silver bar wrap bracelet is really popular, combining beautiful Liberty fabric with a silver bar, and pieces that can have a mini disc added are always really popular too. I believe this is because people like to buy sentimental and meaningful pieces of jewellery for gifts.

Deliciousbits: My best seller is a pair of navy and yellow hand painted clay tear drop earrings on hoops. The original design has proved very popular at craft fairs and on my Etsy shop too – something unique but beautiful. 

Pedddle: How has the way you sell changed since lockdown? 

Stirring Silver: Our posties are doing such an amazing job, especially with such an influx of posting! I’m offering to post gifts directly to the recipient, and I’ll even get my best handwriting pen out and write a gift message to them – this has proved really successful and I think it’s something I will continue!

The Keepsake: All of my items are gift wrapped, and I can send directly to either the customer or gift recipient and add a gift message too, all free of charge.

Deliciousbits: I am currently running a 10% discount coupon with the code THANKYOU20 – simply enter this code on my Etsy shop with any purchases made. Along with this I will be gift wrapping all items and can also send purchases directly to recipients. It’s so lovely to be able to send a gift in these times of social distancing, and remind someone that you’re thinking of them.