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Meet the Maker; Knttd, Bridget Marchi & Sakarma Handmade

Meet the Maker

Introducing three stallholders who offer homeware that is both beautiful and functional

Crochet handmade planter

Autumn is in full swing, and in the spirit of the season we’re celebrating getting cosy and looking at all the lovely homeware that Pedddle’s stallholders have to offer! This week’s Meet the Maker introduces Knttd, Bridget Marchi & Sakarma Handmade.

Great homeware can bring both beauty and functionality to your living space, and Knttd, Bridget Marchi & Sakarma Handmade each create wonderful homeware that does this. Here they talk about the heart of their homes, creating their products, their inspirations and what they have in store for Autumn.

Let’s Meet the Maker behind each business…

Pedddle: Tell us a little more about your business and the homeware you make…

Knttd: I’m Carly, and I design and make Knttd planters to revamp your current urban jungle or give you an excuse to buy more! I use super sustainable materials and my packaging is recyclable too.

Indoor (and outdoor) plants are a huge trend and breathe fresh air into your living space. Knttd is all about showing off your plant babies at their best.

Bridget Marchi: I’m a glass artist and designer and I make everything in my garden studio, using a coastal colour palette to deliver calm and the inspiration to seek space in your life to breathe.

We don’t all live in large houses with the space to display wonderful work, so by giving you the duality of form and function, however challenged you are with space, you can have art in your home.

Sakarma Handmade: I’m Alison, a designer-maker based in the lovely village of Lymm, Cheshire. I create items that will enhance any interior space.

Using my love of pattern, texture, sewing and crochet, I’ve created a range of fabric storage solutions as well as wire and crochet flower decorations that make lovely gifts.

Pedddle: This is the perfect time of year to enjoy being at home and add a little joy to your homeware collection. What’s most important to you about the home? 

Knttd: Lockdown has really shifted the way I view my home – I don’t know about you. I started to create a space that was more calming with softer furnishings, more storage and lots and lots of plants!

As a family, we were spending a lot of time in the living room and needed it to be a functional chilled space that I wouldn’t get bored of looking at!

Sakarma Handmade: I’m a real homebody, so home is really important to me. Even more so now as we’re all having to spend more time within our homes.

It’s important for my home to feel relaxed and comfortable, with space for everyone to do their own thing. Interior design is a keen interest of mine, and I like to express myself through my home and try different things. I love to use colour, texture and pattern through my home, which is also reflected in my work.

For us, the heart of our home is the lounge. We love to get together and play games with the kids or all snuggle up and watch a film. It’s coming to that time of year when it’s lovely to spend a rainy afternoon snuggled under a blanket with the fire and a good film on.

Pedddle: What do you have in store for the Autumnal season?

Knttd: I recently launched a new line of planters, all made from sustainable materials. My large chunky crochet planter in taupe definitely gives me cosy autumnal vibes and just add a bit of softness to your living space.

Sakarma Handmade: I’ve created a range of wire and crochet flowers in autumnal colours and generally use more muted tones for autumn/winter. My brighter pops of colour are still available but I’m loving a more pared down palette at the moment. They’re a great way to bring a new element of colour into a room, that you can choose to tone with your current colour scheme or have a contrasting pop of colour.

Pedddle: Where did you first become interested in the skills it takes to produce your product, and how did you learn them?

Knttd: I have a degree in knitting! I usually get a laugh from people when I say that but I know Pedddle readers will appreciate it!

Sakarma Handmade: I’ve always loved making and I’m generally happy to just have a go at making things.

My Mum gave me an introduction to sewing when I was little but I’ve never been properly taught to sew, and have a ‘make it up as I go along’ approach! She did teach me to knit, but I’ve never been great at that!

It was my Nan who taught me to crochet when I must have been about 8. I found it much simpler than knitting and it grows quicker, not to mention being easier to undo mistakes!

I have an art degree and have always enjoyed experimenting with different materials and using materials in ways that they weren’t originally intended. What’s been nice about Sakarma is that I feel it uses skills I’ve acquired through my life from childhood, education and my previous career in animation production.

Pedddle: We love in-person markets. What’s your best tip for taking part in an in-person market, for people thinking of taking the plunge?

Knttd: I haven’t had chance to do one yet! I started my business just before lockdown so all I’ve ever known is online markets! But watch this space…

Sakarma Handmade: Practice your stall set up at home first and take photos to refer back to so you can see what looks good at a distance. Pack your stuff in a way that will make it easy to set up. For example, you’d need to access your table cloth first so pack that last so it’s on top. Wear layers (you’ll get colder than you think!) and take plenty of food and water – although there’s often lots of amazing food and drink stalls at markets too.

Pedddle: In the absence of in-person markets, many stallholders have taken part in online markets this year. What’s your best tip for taking part in an online market?

Knttd: Be visible! It’s a weird thing to say about being online, but it really helps when you can interact with your customers as if you were actually there in person. Be present on social media on the day and engage with comments and so on.

Sakarma Handmade: I’m a newbie when it comes to online markets so I’ll get back to you on that one! I’ve been trying to learn all about them. Preparation of social media materials and a timetable for the day seem pretty important. I’ll be doing my best to prepare and remember to be present on the day just like you would at an in-person market.

Pedddle: Do you have a favourite market, and if so, why?

Knttd: When I was younger I used to visit Spitalfields market in East London and I always said it would be my dream to have a stall there. You’d always find treasures that you would never find anywhere else and that was such an excitement. I’m glad that it’s still going and hopefully one day you’ll find me and my products there!

So far I’ve only sold at online markets (due to Coronavirus restrictions), but they can be wonderful too.

Sakarma Handmade: My favourite markets have been the smaller ones I’ve done with the Warrington Creatives Collective. I’ve had more sales at smaller events and I think that’s because people have come to buy and aren’t just passing through or treating themselves to lunch if it’s a market that also does food.

We hope you’ve got to know the stallholders behind Knttd, Bridget Marchi & Sakarma Handmade a little better. You can meet other makers here.

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