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5 Tips for social media in 2020.

Traders- Hints & Tips

Time to check over everything on your social ready for your customers to discover you. Use our 5 Tips to get social media ready in 2020.

Is your social media 2020 ready. Pedddle

So here goes explaining them all.

Refresh your Bio.

It’s super important that we keep moving forward and checking our info in the Facebook ‘About’ section, IG Bio, Twitter bio, Linked In profile, Pinterest…..the list goes on.

Here are a few ideas that we tried, heard or read about.

Bio’s should be snappy.
Should include a link.
State what it is you do OR want to be known for.
Have a clear link on Instagram- this is your one link, use it wisely.
Maybe put an offer in it.

Clear Links

Your links should be managed wisely AND it should make your customers journey much easier.

We suggest you create a page on your own website OR use Linktree (there are alternatives but Linktree is a good FREE version).

You maybe shouting ‘what is Linktree?’ or ‘why do I need lots of links’? The quick answer- it makes it easier for your customers to shop from you, find you, interact with you!

If you can keep your ONE Linktree/Website hosted link page up-to-date then you know that your customers —across all platforms— are being kept in the loop. Use this link on all social media platforms!

1. Have all the links you need labelled really clearly.
2. Even use links to categories of your products e.g. Shop Prints, Shop stationery, Shop Tee’s.
3. Have links to other social media pages
4. Link to your blog.
5. Link to your about page on your website (if you have one).
6. Link to your Pedddle Page.
7. Link to your product of the month. Do you have one? You should.

We call these links ‘Call to Action’ buttons. So, what do you want your customers to action? They may want to find out more about you as a business/person but also they may want to buy.

Here is a link to our website hosted link page as an example.

Here are some great examples using Linktree:

Linktree examples, Pedddle

Check your contact details

Just take a moment to check (across all platforms) that your links go where they need them to. Is your email address up-to-date?

Do you have the contact button on Instagram? If not you may not be on a business account.

20/80 rule

It is suggested by many that your social media should be 20% selling, sharing products with a clear goal for your customer.

80% should be sharing you, your inspiration, your passion. Let people know you- or at least the bits you want them to see, you do need to have boundaries. People will buy from you if they know, like and trust you. This is about building that trust and knowledge in you.

How often should I post?
Some of the biggest accounts we follow post once or twice a week. Some post everyday. We think the best thing you can do as a small business is be consistent and be engaging. Be engaging on your posts and get other people to interact with you but also GO AND INTERACT WITH OTHERS!

If time is a problem, post less and spend 20 minutes a day liking, commenting and interacting with other peoples posts and watch your engagement improve.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Feel like we are repeating ourselves here but it’s super important.

You need to interact and comment on other peoples accounts to make the most significant impact on your own accounts. IG and Twitter are very good examples of this.

Facebook is slightly more difficult as a business to do this, but there are other ways you can get engagement. Polls are a great starting point.
Put videos out if you feel confident enough to on Facebook. People love to nosey into other peoples worlds.

We hope this has been a useful read.

We are about to launch our YouTube Challenge and complete 100 videos about little questions you may have about business. Link here and subscribe to our channel in anticipation for the launch.

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